2017 Wrestling Uniform Guideline Changes

Worried about the recent changes to the wrestling uniform guidelines?  Here's what you need to know.  The NFHS Rules Review Committee has recently updated the guidelines for wrestling uniforms.  After meeting with every major wrestling uniform manufacturer and reviewing all options, the committee made several changes.  The major change being that as an alternative to the one-piece singlet, a two-piece uniform option will now be allowed.  The top must be a compression shirt and the bottom must be approved compression shorts or shorts designed for wrestling.  There are several guidelines for the design of these optional uniform pieces.  

So what does this mean for coaches?  How should you order for next season?  First and foremost, order your team gear from Takedown Sportswear.  We were one of the official uniform manufacturers consulted by the NFHS Rules Committee.  We have the specifications for all uniform pieces in-hand and have already produced approved pieces.  Our sales staff has be updated on the new rules and can help walk you through the process when placing your order for next year.  We understand there will be many questions you may have on the right pieces to order and are prepared to help answer those questions.  Just as we were a resource for the NFHS Rules Committee, we can be a resource for you.  

Our design team can create a custom team gear package fully in compliance with the new standards that will make your team stand apart from the competition.  Part of the reason for the updated uniform guidelines is to encourage increased participation in the sport of wrestling for boys and girls.  Takedown has always been an active participant in the overall growth of wrestling in the Southeast and will continue to be a proponent for the sport nationwide.  

Give us a call and we'll walk you through the ordering process for your team.  Our sales team can be reached at 888-582-2022, Terry Allison at ext. 1011 or Alec Noa at ext. 1005.


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