Top Collegiate Wrestling Apps

For life-long fans of collegiate wrestling, it is clear that wrestling is not the most easily accessible sport. With over 400 collegiate wrestling programs around the country, it should be simple finding decent TV coverage and stats on the top athletes, right? Unfortunately, wrestling does not receive the same media coverage as football, so keeping up with the latest news can be a challenge.

However, more and more, the world of wrestling is merging with new forms of technology. This is allowing coaches, wrestlers, and fans to stay connected and informed better than ever before. Here are a few of our favorite apps for staying up-to-date on wrestling news as well as staying on top of your own game.


ESPN ScoreCenter

ESPN will always be a go-to place for scores, stats and news, no matter what the sport. The ESPN ScoreCenter app is the perfect place to keep up with all of your favorite wrestlers throughout the season. Stay current on the latest scores and news in collegiate wrestling whether you’re at the gym or home. You can even create your own personalized scoreboard, so your feed only includes news, video highlights and stats from your favorite wrestlers or schools. Or, set up notifications, so you don’t even have to pull up the app to catch up on breaking news. This app is free in the app store for Apple and Android.


Watch ESPN

It can be frustrating when the matches you care most about aren’t given priority air time. However, for all the matches that might not make it onto cable, Watch ESPN is the best place to catch them. It is also a great tool to use to study past matches and use as a reference when working on your own technique. This app is free in the app store and works with your cable subscription.


The Centermat App

Sometimes, you can spend more time searching for wrestling information than actually reading it. It is often sprawled across the internet on different blogs and school websites. That is exactly what the creators of The Centermat App had in mind when they started work on this one-stop-shop app. Their goal was to put the entire world of wrestling in the palm of your hand and end your days of scouring the internet to find the pieces of information you need.



Lastly, we have an app that brings wrestling into a new realm of technology and has the potential to change wrestling forever. MatBoss is an app made by coaches for coaches, and it is making the lives of everyone in the wrestling community much easier. They have created a one-of-a-kind tool that allows coaches, wrestlers and spectators to see stats integrated directly into a video recording of your matches. This allows you to have a better understanding of the match stats in real time, which could be an invaluable training tool. It also makes the classic pencil and paper method obsolete. According to the creators, this tool will help coaches create more successful wrestlers and, by extension, more successful wrestling teams.

With the 2018-2019 season just kicking off, now is the time to start following your favorite wrestlers and schools. Use these apps to stay current on all the big matches coming up this season like Penn State vs Arizona State on Dec. 14 and Ohio State vs N.C. State on Jan. 6. These apps will help you integrate your favorite sport into your everyday routine instead of making you waste time searching for news and highlights. Finally, a new and convenient way for fans to enjoy college wrestling!


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