About Us

Our mission is to inspire confidence by elevating and empowering athletes and athletes at heart - through experience, style, and function.

By wrestlers, for wrestlers

Dustin Kawa, a former Championship D-I wrestler turned ambitious apparel entrepreneur - started Takedown almost two decades ago with a few hundred dollars and a vision.

As an athlete designing for athletes, Kawa instinctively recognized the need and hunger of the wrestling community, so he decided to launch a brand designing apparel and gear that could take them from sport to street and anywhere in between without sacrificing style or functionality.

Built To Win

Since its inception in 2006, Takedown has evolved from a wrestling academy to a full-scale USA manufacturer of custom apparel brands with an offering of brand apparel solutions and innovative eCommerce experiences.

All developed by a leading team of talented industry experts with state-of-the-art technology and design-driven processes - our WINNING mentality is what connects us to our community and clients.

  • Rooted in wrestling
  • Designed for excellence
  • Engineered in Atlanta
  • Built to win